Bespoke Orthotics

Orthotic design is continuously improving and combined with the introduction of lighter materials, such as carbon fibre, functionality, comfort and fit are way ahead of where they were 5 years ago. The London Orthotic Consultancy is committed to providing its patients with the most up-to-date orthoses available; we are always assessing new and innovative products.

Our clinic in Kingston–upon–Thamesremains our headquarters and provides clinical treatments for positional plagiocephaly/flat head syndrome, pectus deformities, posture-related back pain,scoliosis, club foot, sports injuries and for a wide variety of neurological conditions like cerebral palsy and spina bifida that can be treated with bespoke orthotics. 

Below is a complete range of lower and upper limb orthotics; the majority we make ourselves and are bespoke for each patient we treat. 


Cranial Remoulding Head Injuries
Neck / Spine
Arm Pectus Deformities Scoliosis Wrist / Hand
Gait Orthosis (RGO)
Knee Ankle / Foot
Custom Insoles Bespoke Footwear


An Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is an orthotic or brace that encompasses the ankle and foot. The objective is to control the position and movement of the ankle. AFOs are used to support weak limbs; they can also be used to immobilise the ankle and lower leg to correct foot drop. They are the most commonly used Orthoses.


The modern Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis provides thin and flexible support to the foot or ankle wrapping around the patient’s entire foot to improve stability. They are custom made to fit the patient and use modern technology such as Carbon Fibre and Neuroswing systems


A KAFO is an entire leg orthosis that spans the knee, ankle and foot. It is prescribed to assist and stabilise the muscles of the leg, particularly for patients with muscle-weakening conditions or paralysis. The most common causes of muscle weakness are post-polio syndrome, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and spinal injury.

Neuro Swing AFO

The Neuro Swing AFO has a unilateral ankle joint that is designed to be held within a carbon fibre construction. The joint has two springs, posterior and anterior. The springs can be altered in three ways. Resistance in the springs can be reduced or increased and range of movement can be altered as can the alignment of the ankle. The Neuro Swing system from Fior & Gentz enables us to return the patient’s gait pattern to one that is as near normal as possible.

Carbon Fibre

The advent of carbon fibre has allowed the creation of a new range of specialised orthoses.

These are not only lighter and less bulky, but also more comfortable and much stronger than traditional, plastic types.

Weight reduction has an immediate positive clinical impact, particularly for patients with polio or post-polio syndrome.

Knee Bracing

CTi knee braces are one of the leading knee braces currently available worldwide and are used for the prevention of injury and are used by both professional and amateur sportspeople to treat a range of injuries.

About LOC

The London Orthotic Consultancy's headquarters clinic is home to seven distinct clinics: Orthotics, Plagiocephaly, Posture/Back Pain, Chest Deformities, Scoliosis, Club Foot & Sports Injuries.

Our headquarters in Kingston serves all of these clinics. To understand which location serves particular clinics, click on the location you would like to visit.


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