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Club Foot Treatment

LOC has been given the exclusive rights to prescribe and fit the Cunningham brace to patients in the UK and Europe. This treatment is available to patients at our Kingston and Manchester clinics.

The current treatment of club foot in the UK is very well managed and there are high success rates achieved by experienced clinical teams. However, parents still find the Boots and Bar treatment phase challenging and improving this phase of the treatment is the goal of the Cunningham Brace.

LOC believes that the introduction of the Cunningham Brace to the UK needs to be managed carefully. Therefore we will only see patients who have been referred to us or who have been seen by Club foot and Ponsetti experts.

Only if they determine that the club foot condition has been fully corrected following the Ponseti treatment will LOC offer a Cunningham Brace, in preference to the traditional boots and bar bracing, to complete the treatment.

Following the decision to proceed with the Cunningham Brace, measurements will be taken at our Kingston clinic. Fitting of the brace will take place about a week later. To ensure the brace is fitting correctly we would want to see the baby on consecutive days.

LOC will then manage the treatment with appointments in our clinic and by Skype.


Photos courtesy of Cunningham Prosthetic Care


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