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The Ponseti method

The Ponseti method is the gold standard treatment for club foot in the UK and most of the world. It is well evidenced to be the most effective way of correcting the initial deformity and is the procedure used and endorsed by Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The method involves the baby's foot being gently manipulated into a better position and then being put in a cast. This is repeated weekly for around five to eight weeks. After this stage, a tenotomy (small surgical incision) of the Achilles tendon is performed under local anaesthetic. 

Following this, babies will then need to wear special boots attached to each other with a bar, to prevent club foot returning. The “Boots and Bar” are worn full-time for the first three months, then overnight until the child is four or five years old. Together this treatment has been well evidenced and can yield excellent results. 

The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) has recently introduced a new brace that replaces the Boots and Bar – the Cunningham Brace.

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