Mo's Neuro HiTronic Knee System

Mo trials his new Neuro HiTronic KAFO in our Kingston Gait Lab

Mo trials his new Neuro HiTronic KAFO in our Kingston Gait Lab


Mo's Neuro HiTronic Knee System

BY Daisy

22 February 2023

Paralysed surgeon, Mo, is now able to stand with the help of LOC's bespoke Neuro HiTronic Knee joint system.

Mohammed Belal, a consultant urologist at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, had a freak cycling accident in February 2021. He was hit by a falling tree whilst cycling with a friend. When he tried to get back to his feet, he realised he was paralysed below the waist.

There followed a number of spinal operations and weeks of rehabilitation. It was his physiotherapist at the Royal Bucks Hospital that suggested Mohammed would benefit from the advice of Sam Walmsley, director and lead orthotist at LOC.

Mohammed was first assessed in the London Orthotic Consultancy's Gait Laboratory by Sam in March 2022. Our video vector gait laboratory uses sophisticated cameras that synchronise with a force measurement plate, a highly sensitive device set within the floor that measures the force being applied to it during walking. Analysis of the data produced helps LOC’s orthotists to devise the correct prescription for their bespoke orthotics.


Mohammad Belal cycling accident site with the surgeon knocked off his bike next to a fallen tree

Mo's cycling accident was caused by a tree falling into the road

An important part of LOC’s approach to treatment is an understanding of their patient’s ultimate goal and then a mutual agreement about how that goal might be reached. For Mohammed it was straightforward, he wanted to get back to work and surgery. However, he also had the desire to get back to walking. In many respects, this was a greater challenge and one that needed a solution with some of the latest orthotic technology, the Fior & Gentz HiTronic knee joint system.


“I can’t speak highly enough about Sam and LOC; they have the best diagnostic equipment and search the world for the latest orthotic product developments so that you know that you are being prescribed the most up-to-date solutions for your particular condition.” - Mo

Neuro hitronic knee joint system showing automated mechanism

The Neuro HiTronic automated knee joint system by Fior & Gentz.

The Neuro HiTronic is an automatic, electro-hydraulic system knee joint. It's used for building KAFOs with microprocessor-controlled stance phase control. It is one of the many cutting-edge technologies we use from Fior & Gentz.

Take a look at our bespoke orthotics to get a broader understanding of what LOC can offer, or contact LOC directly.


Sam prescribed a Neuroswing AFO for his slightly stronger left leg and a Neuro HiTronic KAFO for the weaker right leg. Mohammed was particularly taken with the KAFO: “Amazing, incredible bit of technology.”

Both orthoses are made from carbon fibre so are as lightweight as possible. They are manufactured on-site at LOC’s headquarters clinic at Kingston. The team of technicians and orthotists work closely together to produce bespoke orthotics that are optimized both for effectiveness and comfort.

Mohammed’s first goal has been achieved: he can stand.

“It is difficult to describe what it means to me and my feelings of well-being, I did not feel comfortable with people looming over me, it is an important step on my long road to recovery.”

Mohammed can also now get around aided by a Zimmer frame but has not yet mastered the transfer to crutches. However, his next goal is to be able to stand for long enough unaided while in surgery, he went back to work in November of last year and is currently using a “virtual” standing chair to carry out his operations. He is confident that Sam and LOC will provide an orthotic solution to help him achieve his next goal.

Sam adds “It is an absolute privilege to be given the opportunity to help someone who has themselves dedicated their lives to helping others. Being in Mo's company, listening to him exude positivity and show such determination is humbling. His journey is an amazing one and I’m honoured to be part of it”.

See Mo featured in this BBC article, 'Paralysed Birmingham surgeon returns to work after cycling accident'.

Mo's next goal is to be able to stand for longer amounts of time in surgery, without his virtual standing chair.

Mo's next goal is to be able to stand for longer amounts of time in surgery, without his virtual standing chair.