Orthotic Manufacturing

LOC Manufacturing is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the London Orthotic Consultancy.

Since we opened in 2005, LOC has considerably expanded its in-house manufacturing capabilities and capacity. Over the years we have recruited a group of technicians who are both highly skilled and very experienced. We are now also bringing on our own younger recruits; each member of staff has a specific specialised skill that contributes to the quality of bespoke orthotics that are produced.

Because our manufacturing unit is on-site at our headquarters clinic in Kingston upon Thames, we can offer patients many benefits. Our orthotists and technicians work closely together to produce the highest quality bespoke orthotics in the UK.

We do not have to rely on outside suppliers, so we are able to exercise exacting quality control and produce even complex orthotics considerably faster – in some cases within 48 hours.

The partnership of orthotist and technician means that quite subtle design requirements can be incorporated into each orthosis we produce.

This can make all the difference in terms of fit and comfort and optimises the effect of the original orthotic prescription. Even at the fitting stage, we can fine-tune our orthotics quickly and easily.






Experienced Craftsmanship

Our manufacturing specialisms uphold the best traditions of craftsmanship in metalwork and leatherwork, as well as insoles, plaster and carbon fibre work.


Cutting Edge Techniques

We are also constantly innovating for the benefit of our patients, with new cutting-edge technology to aid both design and manufacture including:

Robotic Technology at LOC

In 2020, LOC welcomed a new team member – Victor the robot! Victor, manufactured by Rodin4D, is a seven-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine that can precisely mill orthoses (orthotic/prosthetic moulds) in any direction and across any plane.

For the first time, we can design, model and manufacture trickier and unusual ergonomic orthotic (body) shapes onsite at our clinic in Kingston-upon-Thames. LOC is only the second location in the UK to have a robot with Victor’s capabilities.

Victor is also speeding up our LOCband design work. We already manufacture cranial remoulding helmets on site. Using Victor, though, we can scan the baby’s head and have a LOCband fitted the following day.




Blister Prevention Patches

LOC Manufacturing also holds the exclusive rights for the distribution and marketing of ENGO ® Blister Prevention Patches, a unique preventative solution to foot blisters.

To find out more and to purchase ENGO go to www.preventblisters.co.uk



Our Manufacturing Team >

Since opening in 2005, LOC has considerably expanded its own manufacturing capabilities. We now manufacture the majority of the bespoke orthotics we fit ourselves. Our staff are fully qualified and highly-skilled technicians who have a vast amount of experience in the field of orthotics.





Where possible we provide orthotic treatments for specific conditions that are backed by published and peer-reviewed evidence.



Our team of experienced and highly qualified clinicians combine professionalism with a very high level of personal clinical care for their patients.



LOC manufactures the majority of the orthotics it fits itself. We do not have to rely on outside suppliers, so we are able to exercise exacting quality control.



We provide objective measurements pre and post-treatment to provide evidence of the successful outcome of the treatment provided.


Nina and Ella: identical twins treated for craniosynostosis

Mum Natalie shares her experience of having both her identical twins diagnosed with craniosynostosis. Ella and Nina had surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital before going through cranial remoulding therapy at the London Orthotic Consultancy.

Reciprocating Gait Orthosis gets Ted back on his feet again

See how a thorough gait analysis and a correctly-fitted, bespoke Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO) helped Ted, a spinal surgery and cancer survivor, improve his rehabilitation and mobility goals, getting him back on his feet again.

Introducing our new slimline pectus brace

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation in non-surgical treatment for pectus deformities. Our new dynamic chest compressor is one of the slimmest pectus braces on the market and is designed to reshape the chest without the need for invasive surgery.

Rosie's plagiocephaly journey

Rosie’s very severe plagiocephaly was no problem for the LOCBand Lite 3D-printed cranial remoulding helmet, going from 16mm to 2mm in just six months.

John walks again without aids thanks to Carbon Fibre Neuro Swing AFO

When John came to see us, his ankle was in a bad way. He had around 60mm of his tibia missing and not much if any talus present. He needed crutches to support him to walk. A gait analysis and a new bespoke carbon fibre knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) later and he is able to walk again without crutches.

Matilde’s scoliosis bracing story

Matilde travelled from Chile to LOC for bracing treatment for her adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Now, nearly a year and a half since she started wearing her brace, she has achieved near-total correction of the curvature of her spine. This is her scoliosis bracing story.

Will's Pectus Carinatum treatment story

After only 6 months of wearing bespoke pectus braces from The London Orthotic Consultancy, Will started to notice a visible difference in his pectus carinatum.

Iulia's Scoliosis Bracing Story

After trying out several scoliosis braces in Romania, Ukraine and Turkey, Iulia begins treatment with the LOC Scoliosis Brace and is already seeing results in a matter of months. Here her mum, Raluca, describes how and why they came to LOC for her treatment.

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