Natasha can walk again thanks to her new orthotics

Bilateral club foot patient wearing bespoke carbon-fibre orthoses and shoes

Natasha wearing her bespoke carbon-fibre orthoses and shoes


Natasha can walk again thanks to her new orthotics

BY Daisy

13 June 2024

Adult club foot patient, Natasha, shares her orthotics story. This was originally her Google business review.

“A little bit of background about me to make this review make sense. I have bilateral (both feet) talipes (club feet) which I was born with. When I was born I had one op, and when I was seven and eight I had four more to allow me to walk, but left my feet at a 45-50 degree angle (I can only walk on tippy-toes). As I have gotten older, walking and standing have both become harder.

In my thirties, I began to use a crutch, which became two crutches and in 2019, I started using a wheelchair when going to places that required lots of walking or standing. My love of baking and cooking had to be carefully considered, because standing up long enough to do either could result in days of barely being able to walk at all. I honestly thought it would be all downhill from there.

However, then my husband came across London Orthotic Consultancy online and they have changed my life.



I really didn’t know what to expect when we booked my initial consultation, but my orthotist, Jack (Jack Choong – senior orthotist), has been nothing but amazing, supportive and helpful. On my first visit, Jack scanned my feet and lower legs as well as measured them by hand just to be sure, and asked me lots of questions about my situation and what I was hoping to get out of having orthotics.

On my second, he produced a prototype and took casts of my legs to make sure the final versions would be perfect. And on my third, he spent four hours with me, trying on the bespoke carbon fibre Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) and making final changes to make sure they were wearable for me to try out.

Then I wore them for four weeks and came back and Jack and his team made final adjustments to fix any final niggles I had that could only be found by actually using the orthotics and getting used to them.


Carbon fibre

Orthoses (AFOs) made from carbon fibre are incredibly strong yet lightweight, making them easier and more comfortable to wear as it helps patients reduce their energy expenditure when walking. The reduced bulk also means it can fit within a wider range of shoes.


Neuro Swing Ankle Foot Orthosis made from carbon fibre



Left: Natasha standing bare foot and right: wearing her new orthoses during a fitting appointment

Left: Natasha standing bare foot and right: wearing her new orthoses during a fitting appointment


Being used to the NHS, I was expecting the process to take ages, but from my first meeting in December, I had my orthotics by just before Easter in March, and it only took that long because there was a small delay due to illness.

I cannot stress how amazing my AFOs are and how they have changed so much for me. The support they give me allows me to walk without crutches outside the house for the first time in over fifteen years. I’m not about to take up hiking as a hobby any time soon, but on a trip to the shops I can carry my own basket, I can pick things up myself, I can walk along and hold my husband’s hand.


"I cannot stress how amazing my AFOs are and how they have changed so much for me. I can walk again thanks to LOC.”​


And I can cook and bake again without having to plan not doing anything on my feet for days afterwards. On Easter Sunday, I was able to get through helping with the whole of lunch for eight people without ending up in crippling pain.

My orthotics are not a miracle cure, but they are an absolutely amazing tool to give me more freedom and help me keep walking. LOC has been wonderful through the whole process, and I cannot recommend them enough.

Oh and when I wear the orthotics, I'm now a good inch and a half taller, which is so cool!”

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