Delayed Surgery Brace

Cancelled or delayed surgery?

There may currently be cancellations or delays to your child’s spinal surgery for several reasons. At LOC, we are here to help where possible.

Using our corrective bracing, we can halt the progression of the curve, balance posture and reduce any present back pain.

This can result in:

  • simpler corrective surgery
  • improved surgical outcome
  • quicker rehabilitation

If clinical needs demand, we can manufacture bespoke braces rapidly for your child at our Kingston clinic. You will need to bring in a copy of a recent x-ray for assessment. This can either be a digital copy, on a disc or a hard copy.

We’ve tailored a treatment plan for this patient group. Should you like any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the form below or call LOC directly on 020 8974 9989.


The operation used to treat severe scoliosis curves is typically spinal fusion surgery; a major procedure that involves moving muscles and realigning the skeleton into place. The curved, deformed vertebrae are fused together into a single bone, putting metal screws and rods into the spine to help straighten it. Surgery typically lasts between 4 and 8 hours depending on the severity of the curve. Bone graft is then taken from other parts of the body and used to cover the implants.

Following the operation, it is necessary to spend around a week in intensive care before returning home and the first few days are often uncomfortable. Most adolescents can expect to return to school from 2-4 weeks following surgery, but pain medication may be required up to 6 weeks following. A full recovery from the procedure can take up to a year, as it can take that long for the spine to heal fully.

Spinal fusion surgery causes the fused portion of the back to become permanently stiff, as a result, returning to sports that require large amounts of flexibility (ballet, yoga, gymnastics, dance) or contact (rugby, football, karate, hockey) may take longer.

Risks of spinal fusion surgery are like that of any other major procedure and include infection, blood clots and anaesthesia complications. The added risks include permanent nerve damage to the spine and paralysis.


For Plagiocephaly free photo diagnosis, please upload images in accordance with our plagiocephaly photo guide (max. 2mb each).

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