Manufacturing Team

Since opening in 2005, LOC has considerably expanded its own manufacturing capabilities. We now manufacture the majority of the bespoke orthotics we fit ourselves. Our staff are fully qualified and highly-skilled technicians who have a vast amount of experience in the field of orthotics.

Having recently acquired a seven-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling robot that can precisely orthotic/prosthetic moulds, for the first time, we can design, model and manufacture trickier and unusual ergonomic orthotic body shapes on-site at our clinic in Kingston.

Jason Wilkerson

Manager & Senior Technician

Jason is workshop manager at LOC Manufacturing having previously worked in the NHS for 13 years, specialising in plastics and plasterwork.

Philip Gipps

Senior Technician

Philip is a senior orthotic technician having joined LOC Manufacturing in 2009. He is a leatherwork specialist with over 25 year’s experience. Prior to joining LOC, Philip worked for Ottobock and T&S Orthotics within an NHS setting.

Sean O'Connor

Senior Technician

Sean joined us in 2016 as a senior orthotic technician. He has over 40 years of experience in orthotics manufacture. He is a specialist in metalwork and is involved with the production of our KAFOs and our pectus braces. Previously, Sean has worked for Pryor & Howard, Ottobock and T&S Orthotics.

Joseph Hill

Senior Technician

Joseph is a senior orthotic technician. Prior to joining LOC Manufacturing, he had served 4 years in the Navy as a weapons engineer. Joseph is responsible for insoles, plasterwork, banding for plagiocephaly and scoliosis bracing.

Mark Kernot

Senior Technician

Mark joined us at the beginning of 2019 as a senior technician, having previously worked for the NHS and for the Ministry of Defence. His primary focus at LOC Manufacturing is carbon fibre work.

James Joslyn


James joined the manufacturing team as an apprentice in 2017. He has now qualified as an orthotic technician.

He is specialising in the manufacture of bespoke insoles.

Nelson Santos


Nelson joined us early in 2020. Previously he had worked at Headley Court which was the MOD’s prestigious rehabilitation centre for service personnel. Nelson is an orthotic technician and his primary role within the team is plastic moulding and plastic finishing of our bespoke orthotics.


Robotic Technology at LOC

Victor the Robot, our new Computer Numerical Control milling machine in action! Victor is noisy, but he’s transforming our ability to design and manufacture orthotic devices at our Kingston-upon-Thames clinic. 

Manufactured by Rodin4D, Victor is capable of milling complex ergonomic shapes, meaning that we can now potentially assess a spinal orthotic patient, manufacture the orthosis and have it fitted, all in the space of a day. Victor can do everything we need to do for our patients, in-house and in the shortest time possible with no compromise on quality.

Learn more about Victor the Robot