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The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) currently has six locations across the UK that provide a variety of treatment types such as orthotics, scoliosis, plagiocephaly, pectus deformities and club foot.

These locations are LOC Kingston (HQ), LOC Cambridge, LOC Manchester, LOC BelfastLOC Bristol and LOC Romford


Please click on the locations listed below to learn about the specific treatments available and relevant opening times. 




Pectus excavatum patient using the vacuum bell





Remote treatment available for pectus patients

For patients who require treatment for pectus carinatum and pectus excavatum, we can now offer this treatment remotely.

We have successfully trialled this service with international patients from overseas and we are currently treating patients from 20 different countries across the globe.

So if you cannot travel to one of our clinics, you don’t need to.

The treatment protocol will be fully explained during the initial free virtual consultation.


Kingston Upon Thames (HQ)

The London Orthotic Consultancy's headquarters clinic is home to five distinct clinics: Orthotics, Scoliosis, Plagiocephaly, Pectus & Club Foot

We have state of the art diagnostic equipment and in-house manufacturing enabling us to produce quality, bespoke orthoses on demand. 

To make an appointment at any of our clinics, either call 020 8974 9989, email [email protected] or use our request an appointment form below.

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For Plagiocephaly free photo diagnosis, please upload images in accordance with our plagiocephaly photo guide (max. 2mb each).

For Pectus, please follow our pectus photo guide (max 2mb each).

Recent Posts

Natasha can walk again thanks to her new orthotics

Adult club foot (talipes) patient Natasha says, "I cannot stress how amazing my AFOs are and how they have changed so much for me. The support they give me allows me to walk without crutches outside the house for the first time in over fifteen years."

LOC’s Scoliosis Brace Prevents Polly’s Curve Getting Worse

Diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis at 14 years old, Polly and mum Zoe looked to the LOC Scoliosis Brace to help her curve and avoid surgery at a later date.

Nina and Ella: identical twins treated for craniosynostosis

Mum Natalie shares her experience of having both her identical twins diagnosed with craniosynostosis. Ella and Nina had surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital before going through cranial remoulding therapy at the London Orthotic Consultancy.

Reciprocating Gait Orthosis gets Ted back on his feet again

See how a thorough gait analysis and a correctly-fitted, bespoke Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO) helped Ted, a spinal surgery and cancer survivor, improve his rehabilitation and mobility goals, getting him back on his feet again.

Introducing our new slimline pectus brace

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation in non-surgical treatment for pectus deformities. Our new dynamic chest compressor is one of the slimmest pectus braces on the market and is designed to reshape the chest without the need for invasive surgery.

Rosie's plagiocephaly journey

Rosie’s very severe plagiocephaly was no problem for the LOCBand Lite 3D-printed cranial remoulding helmet, going from 16mm to 2mm in just six months.

John walks again without aids thanks to Carbon Fibre Neuro Swing AFO

When John came to see us, his ankle was in a bad way. He had around 60mm of his tibia missing and not much if any talus present. He needed crutches to support him to walk. A gait analysis and a new bespoke carbon fibre knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) later and he is able to walk again without crutches.

Matilde’s scoliosis bracing story

Matilde travelled from Chile to LOC for bracing treatment for her adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Now, nearly a year and a half since she started wearing her brace, she has achieved near-total correction of the curvature of her spine. This is her scoliosis bracing story.

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The London Orthotic Consultancy's headquarters clinic is home to six distinct clinics:

Orthotics, Scoliosis, Plagiocephaly, Pectus, Insoles & Club Foot

Gait Lab
Free Parking
On-Site Manufacturing
Baby Changing Facilities
Wheelchair Ramp
Disabled Toilet


PhysioWorksNI, 107-109 Gilnahirk Road, Belfast. BT5 7QL

Orthotics Scoliosis Pectus
Free Parking Disabled Toilet


Litfield House Medical Centre, 1 Litfield Place, Clifton Down, Bristol, BS8 3LS

Orthotics Scoliosis Insoles Pectus
Free Parking Baby Changing Facilities Wheelchair Ramp Disabled Toilet


2 Munro House (Ground Floor), 20 Mercers Row, Munro Court, Cambridge, CB5 8HY

Orthotics Insoles Plagiocephaly Pectus
Gait Lab Free Parking Disabled Toilet


Brian Blatchford Building, University of Salford, Frederick Road, Salford, Manchester M6 6PU

Orthotics Insoles Plagiocephaly Pectus
Gait Lab Baby Changing Facilities Wheelchair Ramp Disabled Toilet


Best Health Suites, 58 Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1XA

Insoles Plagiocephaly
Baby Changing Facilities Wheelchair Ramp Disabled Toilet