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Scoliosis – Your Questions Answered

For people suffering from scoliosis, it can be difficult to understand the different treatments on offer. The good news is that there are alternatives to invasive surgery. At the London Orthotic Consultancy, we have offered non-surgical bracing and physiotherapy treatment for some years now. As a result, we are building a growing body of evidence as to the effectiveness of gensingen brace treatment as versus other forms of scoliosis treatment.

Recently, LOC Orthotist, Sally Hews and LOC Physiotherapist, Deborah Turnbull were invited to share their expertise with the Academy of Physical Medicine in a series of interviews. Scroll down to find your questions about scoliosis answered in a series of bite sized, easily accessible video clips.

Understanding Scoliosis Treatment:

How do private and NHS scoliosis care differ?

How effective is non-surgical scoliosis bracing treatment?

Can you treat significant Cobb angles with scoliosis bracing?

Can you treat scoliosis just with insoles?

How do you measure the success of scoliosis treatment?

Who is likely to suffer from scoliosis?

Is it true that young women are more likely to develop scoliosis?

Are the Gensingen Brace and Schroth Method only applicable to certain age ranges?

Are age and treatment length important in successful scoliosis treatment?

Do I need to wear my Gensingen Brace all the time?

About the scoliosis Schroth treatment method

What’s different about the Schroth method and Gensingen Brace?

What is the difference between a Gensingen Brace and a Boston Brace?

How much does a scoliosis brace cost and can it be funded by medical insurance?

How effective is Gensingen Brace treatment for adults with Scoliosis?

More information on scoliosis

Find out more about scoliosis

Explore our scoliosis treatment options

Get information on scoliosis treatment prices


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