Scoliosis Physiotherapy

Scoliosis Physiotherapy at LOC

To provide specialist physiotherapy to back up our non-surgical bracing treatment for Scoliosis, we have teamed up with Scoliosis SOS which was founded in 2006 by clinic principal, Erika Maude, following her own experiences with scoliosis.

Originally Scoliosis SOS treated patients solely using the Schroth method but found that there were elements of postural correction that the method was unable to address optimally on its own.

Over the years, Scoliosis SOS has combined many aspects from the various schools of scoliosis-specific physiotherapy exercise therapies and developed the ScolioGold method which recognises that not one single method works best for everyone.

Schroth treatment remains a central part of their successful scoliosis treatment but it is now enhanced by other well-established therapeutic techniques.

The team of physiotherapists at Scoliosis SOS also has several years of experience combining their therapy with bracing derivatives of the Cheneau-Gensingen brace. It is this combined scoliosis treatment that is recognised as the most effective at reducing the need for surgical intervention.

In Kingston we will be working with:

  • Finty Ilsley
  • Ben Lock

Evening appointments up to 8pm are available during the week.

image courtesy of ScoliosisSOS

image courtesy of ScoliosisSOS



To know more about LOC's physiotherapy sessions, please call 020 8974 9989 or by e-mailing: [email protected]


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