Neuro HiTronic Knee System

The Neuro HiTronic is an automatic, electro-hydraulic system knee joint for building a KAFO with microprocessor-controlled stance phase control. It is one of the many innovative technologies from manufacturers Fior & Gentz that we use in our orthotics.

An orthosis with stance phase protection and with microhydraulics specially developed for the Neuro HiTronic provides the patient with a particularly high level of safety.

When standing and in the stance phase when walking, the orthotic joint is blocked by the hydraulics to prevent unwanted bending. It is unlocked during the swing phase, allowing the knee to move freely. An integrated air spring supports the swinging of the lower leg and conveys a soft and harmonious feeling in the dynamics. The swing phase is not slowed down and a particularly natural gait pattern can be achieved.

Thanks to the patented micro-hydraulics, the orthotic joint is small and light. An orthosis with this electrohydraulic system knee joint can easily be worn under trousers.

The Neuro HiTronic system knee joint is supplied with a flat, anatomically shaped control unit that houses all the electronics and the battery. The control unit is unobtrusively integrated into the lower leg shell of the orthosis.

The movement sensors in the control unit register the position and movement of the lower leg and signal the system knee joint when it should be locked and unlocked.

The sensor data is processed by the high-performance microprocessor at 400 times per second, which means that the system joint reacts extremely quickly to changes in the situation when walking.

The new technology of the Neuro HiTronic system knee joint enables the patient to take the first step with the orthotic leg when changing from standing to walking. This is particularly advantageous for patients who have both legs fitted with an orthosis with stance phase support: e.g. after bilateral paraplegia.


Image courtesy of Fior & Gentz

Image courtesy of Fior & Gentz

LOC is grateful to FIOR & GENTZ, Lunenberg, for their permission to use the animated video about the Neuro HiTronic Swing: 

Functional Demo


The Fior and Gentz Neuro HiTronic Knee joint system

Image courtesy of Fior & Gentz


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