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Plagiocephaly / Flat Head Syndrome Diagnosis Form

If you think your baby has a flat head or if you are at all concerned about the shape of your baby’s head and would like an immediate opinion from one of our experienced clinicians, take some photographs of your baby from different angles (front, back, both sides and from the top) and fill in the form with your contact details and click submit. We will respond within 24 hours.

Please do not attempt to upload large files directly from your camera/phone as these might be too big.  You may need to reduce them first.

Our assessment of your baby's head shape, based on your photographs, should establish whether your baby has positional plagiocephaly. It may not, however, be possible to establish how severe the condition is.

If we confirm that your baby does have plagiocephaly, just contact us to make an appointment. We offer a Free Initial Consultation for babies aged 3 months and upwards, at which your baby's head shape can be assessed from a three dimensional perspective, and measurements taken to confirm the scale of head shape asymmetry.

Thank you. We will be in touch shortly.


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