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Frequently Asked Questions - Chest Bracing Treatment

We offer a combination of corrective bracing and vacuum bell therapy to treat pectus deformities such as pectus carinatum and pectus excavatum, in tandem with specialist physiotherapy, breathing and exercise programmes to achieve pectus correction. For patients who want to avoid surgery, conservative chest bracing treatment can be a great way to achieve a flatter chest, but often, patients are unsure of what treatment involves.

During their initial consultation, our pectus clinicians are often asked common questions about the nature of treatment and which lifestyle changes they can make for bracing to be its most successful. For some patients, it’s learning what life will be like while wearing a chest brace and if it will infringe upon their day-to-day lifestyle.

Below you can see a series of videos which deal with some of our most frequently asked questions about pectus deformity treatment, with LOC director and pectus specialist, Sam Walmsley to answer them.

We hope these videos will prove a useful source of information as well as comfort for people considering bracing treatment as an alternative to surgery. If you have any more questions or would like to make an appointment to talk through treatment, you can call our clinic on  020 8974 9989 to arrange a free initial consultation via Skype.


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FAQ: Can I exercise when going through chest bracing treatment?


FAQ: Will I need more than one chest brace throughout treatment?


FAQ: What advice would you give to people considering treatment?


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