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The OSKAR Clinic

The Optimal Segmental Kinematic Alignment approach to Rehabilitation (OSKAR) is an orthotic method of treating children with lower limb neurological conditions caused by such conditions as cerebral palsy and spina bifida. It was originally developed by Elaine Owen MBE MSc SRP MCSP, a world renowned physiotherapist who was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to children with disability. OSKAR’s efficacy is proven by extensive evidence. We have also seen at first hand its effectiveness as Elaine has been working with us since 2015.

The OSKAR clinic is held in The London Orthotic Consultancy’s gait laboratory at our headquarters clinic in Kingston upon Thames. We have another OSKAR clinic at the University of Salford (one mile outside Manchester City Centre) using the teaching hospital’s Gait Laboratory.


Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Impairments from Cerebral Palsy range in severity, usually in correlation to the degree of injury to the brain. The primary effects of Cerebral Palsy are impairments of muscle tone, motor functions, balance and posture. Exact symptoms will vary from child to child.

At our OSKAR clinic we assess each child on the basis of the ICF guidelines, this stands for the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. It was approved for use by the World Health Assembly in 2001.It provides a framework within which our clinicians can measure and assess an individual’s physical functioning. Gait and walking patterns are assessed in our video vector Gait Laboratory. We can then set goals for the improvements we want to see with our orthotic treatments. Periodically we will objectively measure how we are doing against these goals, setting review dates that are appropriate for each child.

The clinical package is detailed below. Its aim is to offer a comprehensive clinical service for the orthotic management of children requiring lower limb orthotics, such as an Ankle Foot Orthosis. From the initial clinical assessment and setting of specific goals, to the provision of the orthosis and measurement of the goals set, whilst managing any problems throughout the life of the orthosis – the objective is to provide parents with a complete holistic service that they can totally rely on which also provides objective outcome measurements.

The OSKAR Clinic Treatment Package

All appointments in the OSKAR Clinic are directed by one of LOC’s HCPC qualified senior Orthotists (BSc) who have been working alongside Elaine for the last three years. The comprehensive treatment package includes the following elements:

Clinical Assessment Appointment (2 hours)

  • Clinical History
  • Setting of parent/patient goals
  • Discussion of the International Classification of Functioning (ICF)
  • Range of Movement, strength and spasticity
  • Gait Laboratory Video Vector bare foot and in any current orthotics
  • Discussion of orthotic prescription, outcome measures and identifying agreed ICF Goals using information from the assessment and Gait Laboratory Videos.

Casting Appointment (1 hour)
Precise casting and specification of the orthosis.

Fitting appointment (2 hours)

  • Fitting of Orthosis and footwear.
  • Checking for comfort and marking
  • Initial visual alignment while standing and walking

Gait Lab Video Vector Fine tuning (2 hours) 
Tuning of the orthosis and footwear while standing and walking using the video vector gait laboratory

2 x Follow up reviews (2 hours) 

  • Check of prescription and fine tuning in Gait Laboratory
  • Compare Outcomes and review Goals
  • Unlimited problem solving – Repairs of AFOs and re-soling of footwear

Parents have an option to choose whether to have personal input from Elaine or not. If you have any further questions about the OSKAR Clinical Package, please contact LOC on 020 8974 9989.

OSKAR Clinical Treatment Package – Price

With LOC senior orthotist - £1,500
With LOC senior orthotist and Elaine Owen - £2,100
Follow-up clinical treatment package with LOC senior orthotist - £1,400
Follow-up clinical treatment package with LOC senior orthotist and Elaine Owen - £1,900

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