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Sam Walmsley to explain OSKAR Framework to Neuro Conference 2021 Delegates


The London Orthotic Consultancy’s Director and Lead Orthotist , Sam Walmsley, is to present to an audience of Neuro Physiotherapists and Case Managers at the European Neuro Convention on 16/17th March. Because of the Covid pandemic this is a virtual conference. During his session, Sam will be sharing his experiences of working with an orthotic framework for treating children with lower limb neurological conditions, called OSKAR (Optimal Segmental Kinematic Alignment approach to Rehabilitation).

OSKAR was originally developed by Elaine Owen MBE MSc SRP MCSP, a world renowned physiotherapist who was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to children with disability. We have been working with Elaine since 2015.

During his seminar Sam will explain a counterintuitive alignment rule that is not commonly practiced by other orthotic clinics. He will demonstrate why it is such an important detail in AFO design and how and why it works. This will make clear why some orthotic prescriptions don’t deliver and conversely, if the details of a prescription are correct, how powerful orthoses can be in improving orthopaedic and functional outcomes for patients. 

We are seeing incredible results using the OSKAR method – we’ve helped many children walk who hadn’t otherwise been able to in their standard splints. The earlier we can start to work with a child, the more positive an impact we are likely to have in the long term.

OSKAR is typical of the evidence-based approach we take in all our orthotic treatments for children and adults alike.

The OSKAR clinic is held in The London Orthotic Consultancy’s gait laboratory at our headquarters clinic in Kingston upon Thames. We have another OSKAR clinic at the University of Salford using the teaching hospital’s gait laboratory.

If you think your child would benefit from an OSKAR assessment, please contact LOC.

You can register to attend Neuro Convention 2020 here.

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