Bespoke Orthotic Treatment for Cerebral Palsy - A Mother’s Perspective
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Bespoke Orthotic Treatment for Cerebral Palsy - A Mother’s Perspective


We recently received an email from the mother of one of our cerebral palsy patients, Zack, who has been working with clinicians David, Sam and physiotherapist Elaine Owen for several years. Here, mother Jacqui talks about her experience.

“Multidisciplinary teams in business will sit down together and discuss a project with all parties concerned, each adding their particular expertise and insight. This is what it is like at London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) but on a more personal level: Teamworking is evident. The camaraderie and mutual respect is undeniable. The attention to the smallest achievement is uplifting.

Zack is 12 and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, later he presented with spastic quadriplegia. I was extremely lucky to find Elaine Owen at Bangor when Zack was 9 months old. It wasn’t until I moved to various other counties that I realised there are many different ways of managing Zack’s condition, sadly not with the same outcome. I was able to continue seeing Elaine for 10 years at her NHS clinic as I made a personal choice to move to live within her catchment area. When she started working at LOC I felt I can now live wherever I choose without being dictated to by NHS bureaucracy. 

Zack, Cerebral Palsy Patient at the London Orthotic Consultancy

Zack receives the best possible treatment at LOC. The key people are always involved in the discussions needed to enable Zack to walk to the best of his ability. Nowhere have I seen orthotist and physiotherapist working alongside each other in the same room, at every appointment. There is the opportunity to discuss all aspects of Zack’s complex needs with people who know Zack almost as well as I do.

Sam will take time out from his busy schedule to pop in to say 'hi'. The reception staff talk to you on the phone with a personal knowledge of who you are and who your child is. The teamworking is easy to see across all departments. Having the manufacturing unit in the same building is invaluable, meaning any adjustments needed are done there and then. “I’ll just pop these ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) upstairs and get that done” whilst Zack has a thorough assessment. Every appointment involves the Gait Lab – a crucial diagnostic tool. Zack loves walking up and down the ‘runway’ entertaining the staff.

Pair of ankle foot orthosesAnkle foot orthoses (AFOs) similar to Zack's pair

There is such a friendly atmosphere at LOC, Zack gelled with David straight away. And there is an empathy I have not experienced in understaffed NHS clinics. It can be emotional for parents with children with disability and I have always felt supported by the staff. Whatever question I have there is the expert in that field available to answer. There is an holistic approach to the child, including considering their feelings over the look of adaptions and style of shoe. It is possible to discuss maintenance stretching, dynamic exercises, walking frames and sticks and standing frames. One-Stop does all, with the knowledge you are receiving the benefit of over 40 years of experience. I truly believe my son is far more mobile and has a good gait because of the treatment he receives from all members of staff working as a team with the same goal.

The service is impeccable, professional and friendly.”

We would very much like to thank Jacqui again for this testimonial and for allowing us to share with other patients and parents. 

You can explore our range of bespoke paediatric orthotic treatments for conditions like cerebral palsy, or call 020 8974 9989 to book an appointment with a clinician today.

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