Successful helmet therapy results for Francis and his parents
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Successful helmet therapy results for Francis and his parents


We love being able to share success stories from helmet therapy. Senior orthotist Sally Hews talks to us about baby Francis’ plagiocephaly journey and what you can expect from flat head syndrome treatment at the London Orthotic Consultancy:

“Francis came to see me in Harley Street with his parents when he was almost 4 months old, his parents had noticed his flat head shape when he was 2 months and began repositioning him almost immediately. He favoured sleeping on his back turned to the right but not exclusively. At such a young age his head could easily be turned during sleeping as is recommended when doing repositioning, however his parents did not see any improvement with his head shape. They were aware of cranial remoulding helmets and were quite relaxed about moving forward with treatment once his plagiocephaly was confirmed as severe. He had some flattening at the back of his head and also some facial asymmetry.Before flat head syndrome treatment and after three months of treatmentOnce fitted with his LOCband Francis responded so well. He was very happy during his treatment and due to his young age, his head shape corrected very well and so quickly that he only needed to wear his LOCband for 3 months. Because his parents had repositioned him so much early on, his sleeping position was varied and there no was no concern about regression after removing the LOCband. So after 3 months of wear it was completely removed and parents were very pleased with the results. His parents were incredibly relaxed about the whole process, which I feel really helped and rubbed off on Francis. Great results all round!”

Sally Hews, Senior Orthotist

Mother Megan was incredibly pleased with the results achieved; “We would be very happy for Francis to be included on the case histories page of your website. We are so pleased with the outcome of his treatment - I can only hope the images will give other parents confidence in the treatment where needed.”

Before flat head syndrome treatment, a reduction in aysmmetry from 15mm to 2mmBefore flat head syndrome treatment (left) and after three months of treatment (right); a reduction in aysmmetry from 15mm to 2mm

If you are worried about your baby’s head shape, you can use our online flat head diagnosis form for a fast, free and confidential clinical opinion from one of our orthotists. Your first appointment, should you need one, is also free.

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