Romford Clinic Finds Flat Head Solution for Baby James
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Romford Clinic Finds Flat Head Solution for Baby James


As reported in the Essex Gazette on the 1st March, LOC is delighted that little James Crowe is only a few weeks away from completing his baby flat head treatment with one of our specialist helmets for the treatment of Plagiocephaly in babies.

Mum Lisa explained to the Gazette that James was born with cephalhematoma – a pocket of blood in his head. Although a benign condition in itself, this caused James to lie on his side for considerable periods of time, and it was at the age of three months that James started to show signs of Baby Flat Head Syndrome – or Plagiocephaly.

Like many parents, Lisa found NHS treatment to be limited since Plagiocephaly is considered by the NHS to be a cosmetic issue. But she remained concerned for James’s future welfare if his flat head wasn’t addressed.

So she brought James to our Romford clinic, where we helped her to implement a treatment plan. We provided a LOC bad helmet to be worn for 22 hours a day to gently reshape James’s skull, whilst Lisa also ensured that James benefitted from a support cushion and cranial osteopathy sessions to complement the helmet.

The great news is that James is now only a couple of weeks away from completing his helmet treatment and the prognosis is looking good. We’re delighted to see another very young patient benefit from our bespoke flat head treatment!

Are you worried about the shape of your baby’s head?

Plagiocephaly (baby flat head syndrome) can be treated, but early diagnosis is essential since treatment is ineffective after the age of 18 months.

If you suspect Plagiocephaly in your baby and you’re not sure what to do, use our free flat head diagnosis form to get an immediate clinical opinion online from one of our expert orthotists.

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