Great result for twins


Great result for twins

BY Jon W

22 March 2021

LOC’s LOCBand plagiocephaly treatment has once again generated fantastic results – this time for twins!

As is common with twins, these two boys presented with a plagiocephaly due to in-utero positioning and their head shapes were a mirror image of each other. Through targeted LOCBand treatment, LOC was able to reduce each boy’s cranial asymmetry by 12mm and 13mm respectively, adjusting their asymmetry to just 5mm (a normal head shape) in just six months.

Our orthotist, Sally Hews, treated these lovely twins. This is what she has to say about the treatment:

“The twins came with their parents to our Kingston upon Thames plagiocephaly treatment clinic when they were five months old. Their parents were extremely worried about both their boy’s head shapes and had worked very hard with repositioning techniques to address their concerns. Both twins measured in the severe range with 17mm and 18mm of cranial vault asymmetry respectively. Due to a lack of improvement with repositioning, their parents decided to move forward with our LOCband treatment. A 3-D digital scan was taken, and they began their treatment shortly after. The boys adapted extremely well to wearing their cranial remoulding helmets and their parents noticed improvements very quickly which is always so reassuring. After 6 months both boys finished their treatment with asymmetry down to 5mm which represents a normal head shape - excellent results!”

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Mum, Lulu, was equally delighted with what we have achieved for her twins, and recently told us:

“When we learned that our twins had plagiocephaly, the London Orthotic Consultancy was recommended to us by a paediatrician. Right from our first appointment, our clinician, Sally, was both supportive and professional, giving us the confidence to face the initially daunting prospect of having helmets fitted for our boys, so early in their lives. To say we are delighted with the service and results of the treatment would be an understatement! We felt cared for every step of the way, with regular check-ups meaning we were always aware of our twins’ development. 

Thank you so much to Sally at LOC, you are a star and have made a real difference to the future well-being of our boys!” - LuLu

Are you worried about your baby’s head shape?

There is a small window of opportunity for plagiocephaly and brachycephaly treatment to be effective before the plates of the skull start to harden. So, it’s vital to take early action if you feel your child had flat head syndrome. Here are some easy ways to take action:

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