Nick completes Para-triathlon


Nick completes Para-triathlon

BY Jon W

02 March 2016

Nick attended LOC back on the 6th of May 2015, having suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2009.

He had made progress in his recovery and had started to undertake some serious athletic endeavours as a part of his physical therapy. He was suffering from a right-sided foot drop and this was restricting his recovery. Nick wanted to ensure he could make as much progress with his recovery as possible and lead as independent a life as possible.

Of equal importance to Nick was his ability to use his recumbent trike in order to allow him to compete in the inaugural Para-triathlon at Downey Lake.

He was suffering from hyperextension of his right knee and the design brief was to improve upon his existing Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) by ensuring his swing phase was as efficient and safe as possible, to control the hyperextension at the knee and also allow an unrestricted revolution of his right pedal.

Three weeks later Nick was supplied and fitted with a custom-fitted hinged AFO on his right side and a 3D Cad Cam insole on his left. These were then fine-tuned using our 3D video vector Gait analysis laboratory. The kinematic data indicated that by increasing the size of the backstop in the AFO movement of the ground reaction force posteriorly to the knee would reduce the hyperextension.

Nick was seen 6 weeks later for a review and was re-recorded in the gait lab. This showed that his gait pattern was improving and his physio team at the Royal Bucks hospital confirmed this. In addition, Nick was using his AFO to cycle up to 60 miles without any discomfort.

We are very pleased to report Nick was able to complete the first Para-triathlon and it has been a privilege to have played a small role in what is an amazing story of triumph of will over adversity. Well done Nick.


Nick sent us this email:


I recently had an awesome AFO made by Allan. This has done me proud and I took part in the Para Tri this weekend wearing the AFO. It allows me to use my trike properly. Have a little look at this blog post to read about Para Tri.

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