Bespoke Orthotic Insoles Service

Foot pain is often misdiagnosed because of the complexity of the foot itself. The foot and ankle combined contain 26 bones – one quarter of the bones in the human body – with over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments working in conjunction.

These parts work together to support, balance and make the body mobile. A malfunction in any one part can create problems elsewhere in the body, such as the back, hip or knee.


Very often the pain can be globalised over the foot, therefore it can be difficult to pin down exactly what the problem is and that’s where we come in. We look at the areas of the foot closely during a biomechanical assessment, and take the time to find a more specific diagnosis. If we diagnose a biomechanical foot problem, insoles represent a non-invasive approach to treatment.

At our Kingston clinic we offer an express orthotic insole service which takes two hours from initial assessment to manufacture and fitting.

We open late on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 19:00 to accommodate people who would like their express service outside working hours.

If time is of the essence, we can help. When making your appointment please specify that you want our Express Service 020 8974 9989

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