Scoliosis Treatment Costs

Initial Free Virtual Consultation

For patients considering LOC’s non-surgical treatment package for Scoliosis, we offer the opportunity to have an initial free consultation via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.


What does a Skype Scoliosis consultation involve?

The purpose of this consultation is to give you the opportunity to talk directly to one of our specialist clinicians about our bracing treatment with the Gensingen Brace by Dr Weiss®. Your clinician will be able to answer any detailed questions or concerns you might have prior to booking a face-face assessment. The virtual consultation is a 15-minute appointment.

Face to face Scoliosis Assessment

This comprehensive consultation will cover the following:

  • An assessment of the curve via x-ray(patients should have a copy of a recent x-ray with them)
  • An assessment of the severity and type of the patient’s scoliosis
  • Measurement of the angle of trunk rotation with a scoliometer
  • An assessment of posture, leg length, risk of progression of the curve and inherent flexibility of the body
  • Explanation of LOC’s treatment package (Gensingen Brace by Dr Weiss®)
  • Discussion about how postural corrections can be achieved
  • Advice about helpful physical activities

Please note: In Kingston, we work closely with a physiotherapist to provide Schroth therapy in conjunction with scoliosis bracing. Prices from £120 per session

Cost of Scoliosis Treatment Package

If a patient decides to proceed with the treatment our comprehensive treatment package includes:

  • 3D digital scan, measurements and clinical photography
  • Gensingen Brace by Dr Weiss®
  • Fitting and all reviews including on-site adjustments by our certified orthotists
  • Advice upon the best course of action for Schroth physiotherapy
  • In Kingston, we work closely with a physiotherapist to provide Schroth therapy in conjunction with scoliosis bracing. Prices from £120 per session

Scoliosis brace packages from £2,800

Some insurance providers (e.g. BUPA) do cover the cost of our Scoliosis treatment package. If you have private medical insurance, please contact your company directly to enquire about cover for this treatment.

Why Choose LOC for your Scoliosis treatment?

We have a long history of successful case studies with parents or who had often exhausted themselves trying to find good scoliosis advice. Upon finding LOC, the clinical expertise and the non-surgical advantages of our Gensingen brace treatment package provides a plan that patients and parents can feel more confident with. This additional support is detailed below.

"My results are amazing and unexpected and I am glad that I received the brace through LOC. I am still wearing the brace 18 months later and my back feels even straighter.  Thanks to LOC I realised that I wanted to help people with similar if not the same condition as me, so I am now going to Salford University in September to study Orthotics & Prosthetics so I will hopefully be able to help others with Scoliosis as much as LOC has helped me."

Hannah, Adolescent Scoliosis patient

Wear and Care Guide and Personal Support – Each patient/parent will be given a comprehensive wear and care guide which covers the most frequently asked questions we receive about wearing the Gensingen brace. To ensure peace of mind patients and their parents will also be given the direct e-mail addresses of the treating clinician so they can cover any specific concerns they may have. In addition, between review appointments, phone conversations with the clinician can be booked by prior arrangements with the admin team at the clinic.


Saturday group sessions – We are currently reviewing our Saturday sessions as part of a renewed package with a specialist provider of scoliosis physiotherapy.

Please note: Because of Covid restrictions we cannot conduct these group sessions in the clinic at the moment. 

Patient progress – Using patient X-Rays and Cobb angle measurements and feeding these back to patients has been proven to motivate both patients and parents throughout the course of treatment, encouraging them to persevere and stick to their brace prescription and individual physiotherapy exercise programmes.

Express Treatment Package 

We have introduced an Express Treatment Package so that patients can visit for a short time to receive the treatment they need. After the initial consultation, the Gensingen brace will be fitted within 5 working days and there will be an intensive Schroth physiotherapy programme (subject to availability and clinical needs) during that period. If you are interested in this package please contact us to confirm timings and details.

Our Kingston clinic is conveniently located only a short walk from Kingston mainline train and bus stations. It is only 25 minutes by train from central London with four trains an hour on weekdays. Kingston is easily accessible from Heathrow and Gatwick airports.


Scoliosis Treatment

Initial virtual consultation FREE
Scoliosis Consultation (Orthotist) from £240
Scoliosis Package - Gensingen Brace £2,140
Scoliosis Package - Orthotic Clinic Fee £660
Scoliosis Package - Physio x5 £500
Scoliosis De-Rotation Strap (Adult) £82
Scoliosis De-Rotation Strap (Child) £70
Scoliosis Lumbar Roll with Bag £15
Scoliosis Lumbar Rolls without Bag £7
Scoliosis Seamless Vest £45
Please note: In Kingston, we work closely with a physiotherapist to provide Schroth therapy in conjunction with scoliosis bracing from £120 per session