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Plagiocephaly Treatment - Cranial Remoulding Therapy with the LOCBand

Cranial remoulding therapy with a specially manufactured baby helmet is a very effective treatment for Positional Plagiocephaly. This treatment is an option where repositioning techniques have not brought about sufficient improvement in your baby's plagiocephaly or head shape, but should not be considered until the infant is at least four to five months old.

Recent independent research conducted by a University Hospital in Germany has endorsed the treatment for babies with moderate or severe plagiocephaly.

A larger, retrospective study has just been published that found complete correction was achieved in 94.4% of babies treated with helmet therapy.


How Does Cranial Remoulding Work?

The LOCband is non-invasive and works by applying a gentle constant pressure over the areas of your baby’s skull that are most prominent, while allowing unrestricted growth over the flattened areas. It is a pain-free treatment. Our baby helmet consists of a soft foam layer inside a thermoplastic shell. This allows for frequent adjustments during growth and gently guides your baby’s skull into a more symmetrical shape.

Treatment is most effective in babies between four and seven months and takes between three and six months to complete. Routinely, babies up to the age of 14 months can be treated very successfully, but treatment may take longer and results may not be quite as good as with younger babies. It is possible to treat older babies and we have completed treatment with improvements in babies aged up to 24 months.

We have successfully treated thousands of babies with positional plagiocephaly over the years. Take a look at a selection of our case histories that parents have given their permission to share.



The LOCband is not indicated in cases of craniosynostosis (premature fusing of the sutures of the skull) or hydrocephalus (an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain).

These conditions require medical/surgical intervention and are beyond the scope of cranial remoulding therapy. However, after the sutures are surgically released, a LOCband may be used to further shape the skull and protect the operative site.


LOCband Cranial Remoulding Helmet

Every baby that has completed cranial remoulding treatment with the LOCband has enjoyed reductions in asymmetry and measurable improvements to their head shape.

LOC is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as manufacturer of the LOCband.

The LOCband:

  • has been designed and perfected by our own clinicians, after years of personal experience of treating plagiocephaly;
  • is manufactured individually for each baby to the clinician’s exact specifications and the clinician also oversees the manufacturing process;
  • is manufactured to strict guidelines and high quality standards;
  • is made for LOC by LOC Manufacturing Ltd, who are located next to the Kingston clinic;
  • has less environmental impact than imported helmets, because it is made here;
  • has a soft-to-the-touch foam lining;
  • is available in many different colours and patterns.

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