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Bespoke Orthotics

The London Orthotic Consultancy produces a range of bespoke orthotic products that treat a large number of adult and paediatric medical conditions.

Bespoke Orthotics

Plagiocephaly, Orthotics, Pectus, Back Pain and Sports Injury Clinics

LOC is a private clinic that provides bespoke orthotic treatments for a wide range of adult and paediatric conditions. It was founded in 2004 by four specialist clinicians who worked for a London hospital, where they ran a highly-regarded orthotic department that was considered an international centre of excellence in the field of orthotics and rehabilitation.

Over the past decade, LOC has expanded its geographical reach by opening a number of clinics, primarily in the south of England. The original clinic in Kingston-upon-Thames remains its headquarters and provides clinical treatments for Positional Plagiocephaly / flat head syndrome, Pectus Deformities, Posture-related Back Pain, Sports Injuries and for a wide variety of medical conditions that can be treated by Bespoke Orthotics.

Key to successful treatment is the accuracy of the initial diagnosis; invariably initial consultations will take an hour, sometimes more. Over the years, LOC has also invested heavily in diagnostic technology to provide the most accurate measurements and objective assessment of treatment outcomes. The most recent example of this is LOC’s Gait Lab, which would normally only be found in a teaching hospital.

LOC manufactures the majority of the orthotics that are prescribed for its clients. This means that the consulting clinician can oversee the LOC manufacturing process and turnaround times are much quicker. 

LOC News

Latest News

Baby M's Plagiocephaly Transformation

Baby M's Plagiocephaly Transformation 

One parent tells the journey of their initial fear at their daughter’s early plagiocephaly diagnosis, through to her treatment journey, which involved wearing the LOCband for 22-23 hours a day for 3 months. Her final scan revealed she was down to only a slight 3mm plagiocephaly with improved symmetry of her forehead and ears.

Common skiing and snowboarding injuries

Common skiing and snowboarding injuries 

It’s that time of year when physiotherapists and sports injury clinics become inundated with those of us suffering from winter sports injuries. According to The Telegraph, millions of Brits will hit the slopes this ski season and around 17,000 will come back home on crutches.

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