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Diagnosis of Sports Injuries

The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) uses the latest diagnostic technology to provide its clinicians with the means to accurately diagnose individual injury problems and, then, provide ongoing objective data to monitor the success of treatment.


Foot Scanner

LOC uses the world-renowned Paracontour system to record 3D data and images of the plantar (sole) of the foot, which is then transferred to produce a 3D model of the foot on screen for the Orthotist to study.


In-Shoe Pressure Readings

LOC uses the Parotec system to take in-shoe dynamic pressure readings. Objective data is measured in Newton’s per centimetre squared (Ncm2). The Newton is the international system of units derived unit of force, named after Isaac Newton. The Parotec system gives our orthotists the opportunity to study a patient’s walking and running in normal circumstance over long distances.


The DIERS Spinal Scanner

The DIERS Spinal Scanner is the only scanner of its type in the UK. It provides objective data that enables LOC's clinicians to diagnose postural problems that may make an individual prine to injury.

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