LOC Physiotherapist

Our Scoliosis Physiotherapy clinic is headed by Schroth Certified Deborah Turnbull BSc. CSP and HCPC registered physiotherapist, certified in both original German Schroth and modern Best Practice Schroth methods.

She has a BSc both in Physiotherapy and Social Sciences and worked for a decade for the NHS at Ealing Hospital and then in the community rehab team in Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham community services. Her specialisation is Schroth physiotherapy and she was certified in the Katrina Schroth original method in 2007 and in Best Practice Schroth in 2015. Prior to joining LOC, Deborah ran her own company, ScoliosisUK Limited, treating both adults and paediatric patients with spinal deformity for 10 years privately.

Deborah has co-authored with Dr Weiss a number of peer-reviewed articles in the area of the conservative treatment for scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

Online Schroth exercise programme

Specialist Schroth physiotherapy programmes are proven to prevent curve progression and improve the appearance of scoliosis patients. Because of Covid-19 we have introduced an online exercise programme for existing patients; this has been received so well that we are now extending this service to new patients. The exercise programme consists of three 90 minute sessions with a Schroth specialist.

To know more about LOC's physiotherapy sessions, please call 020 8974 9989 or by e-mailing: [email protected]

The three sessions cost £240 and it is recommended that these are booked for consecutive days. Weekly follow up sessions of 30 minutes can also be booked, these cost £40.

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