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Price of Scoliosis treatment

Cost of Initial Scoliosis Assessment

This first consultation will be for 90 minutes and will cover the following:

  • An assessment of the severity and type of the patient’s scoliosis
  • Explanation of LOC’s treatment package (Gensingen Brace by Dr Weiss® and Schroth physiotherapy)
  • Discussion about how postural corrections can be achieved
  • Spinal 3D scan
  • Advice about helpful physical activities

Initial assessment fee with one of our scoliosis specialists: £240.00


Cost of Scoliosis Treatment Package

If a patient decides to proceed with treatment our comprehensive package includes:

Total package fee: £3100.00


Why Choose LOC for your Scoliosis treatment?

Apart from our clinical expertise and the non-surgical advantages of our treatment package which combines bracing with the Gensingen Brace with Schroth Best Practice physiotherapy, LOC provides some additional support that patients and parents love.

  1. Single Patient Whatsapp group – During their first appointment, each scoliosis patient who takes part in our orthotic bracing programme for scoliosis is offered to set up an individual private Whatsapp group with their parents and our clinicians, so any questions can be answered. Any queries regarding the brace application or reassurance regarding what to expect in the initial stages can be provided quickly and efficiently by the orthotist and any extra instructions for the exercises can be provided by the therapist in the private group chat. Parents of younger patients are also encouraged to join a private Whatsapp group for parents, and private facebook page to share advice and tips.
  1. Saturday group sessions – On Saturday morning, Deborah runs a group session for teenage scoliosis patients, where exercises can be monitored and postures can be improved and worked upon. Not only is it a great opportunity for patients to share their tips and tricks, but it provides a hub for teenage patients which boosts their morale as they realise that other teenagers are going through the same kind of treatment; they are not alone.
  1. Patient progress – Using patient X-Rays and Cobb angle measurements and feeding these back to patients has been proven to motivate both patients and parents throughout the course of treatment, encouraging them to persevere and stick to their brace prescription and individual physiotherapy exercise programmes.


Express Treatment Package for International Patients

To help patients who are not resident in the UK, we have introduced a specific package so that patients can visit for one short period of time (a week) to receive the treatment they need. The initial consultation will last for 2 hours, the Gensingen brace will be fitted within 5 days and there will be an intensive Schroth physiotherapy programme during that period of time.

Our Kingston clinic is conveniently located only a short walk from Kingston mainline train and bus stations. It is only 25 minutes by train from central London with four trains an hour weekdays. Kingston is easily accessible from Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Express package fee: £3,600.00

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