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Scoliosis awareness month: celebrating the success of non-surgical treatment

It’s Scoliosis Awareness Month, leading up to Scoliosis Awareness Day on the 27th June 2020. To celebrate, LOC is raising awareness of how non-surgical scoliosis treatments can help patients of any age.

The London Orthotic Consultancy’s team of scoliosis experts are highly experienced in treating patients from all age groups, from juveniles to adolescents to adults. To demonstrate the LOC approach, we have put together three case histories:

Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis: successful treatment with Schroth physiotherapy

Hannah B first came to us in 2017, with a diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic scoliosis. By diligently following our Schroth physiotherapy exercise programme at home, she has successfully reduced her Cobb angle from 18 degrees to just 6 degrees, a fantastic result!

Find out more about Hannah B’s Schroth physiotherapy treatment here.

Treating adolescent idiopathic Scoliosis with the Gensingen brace method

Hannah J was 15 when she was diagnosed with a 36-degree thoracic-lumbar scoliosis. She was told that, as she had stopped growing, she couldn’t be fitted for a brace within the NHS, but her curve continued to worsen, and she was in pain. After wearing LOC’s Gensingen brace for just 8 months, she reduced her curve from 38 degrees to just 24 degrees and her curve continues to improve as she continues to wear the brace.

Read Hannah J’s first-hand account of her Gensingen brace treatment here.

A non-surgical treatment programme for adult degenerative scoliosis

It wasn’t until Lady Venetia visited LOC in March 2020 that she was diagnosed with scoliosis, with a Cobb angle of 61 degrees. She was prescribed a combined programme of a bespoke Gensingen brace and Schroth physiotherapy exercises. As a result, her pain levels have dramatically reduced, and she tells us that she “finally feels a long-term solution has been found”.

Get the full story on treating adult scoliosis without surgery here.

If you are concerned about scoliosis at any age:

Consult our simple visual guide to scoliosis to help you spot the signs.

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