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Schroth Method Scoliosis Treatment

LOC’s non-surgical treatment incorporates what is evidenced as the most effective brace for correcting Scoliosis – the Gensingen Brace by Dr Weiss® – and a comprehensive physiotherapy programme that adheres to the world renowned Schroth Best Practice. LOC has recently been recognised by the Schroth Best Practice Academy as the only best practice bracing centre in London and the south of England.

Following a patient’s assessment, a series of scans, photographs and measurements are taken by one of our Scoliosis clinicians.

Dr Weiss personally designs each brace according to the information LOC provides using his unique evidence-based CAD modelling technique and curve classification approach. LOC also uses CAD/CAM technology to create the positive model and manufacture the scoliosis brace.

The brace is then fitted and fine-tuned by one of our clinicians based on the training they received from Dr Weiss, drawing on his years of experience in treating scoliosis. Dr Weiss remains a supportive resource to draw upon throughout the treatment so LOC can achieve the best possible outcome for each patient.

The Augmented Lehnert-Schroth classification used for the selection of the appropriate brace from Gensingen library.The Augmented Lehnert-Schroth classification is used for the selection of the most appropriate brace from Gensingen catalogue.

At a 6 week review appointment we analyse the function and fit of the brace using an in-brace X-ray which is sent to Dr Weiss for review and comment if necessary. Above is a photo sent in by the father of one of our adolescent scoliosis patients going through treatment, which details the improvements in the shape of her curve and rib hump after only six weeks.

To provide the complete treatment package of bracing and physiotherapy Deborah Turnbull BSc CSP joined us in 2017. Deborah has a decade of experience in the Schroth method and is the only Schroth therapist in London.


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