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The Schroth Method for treating Scoliosis

The modern Schroth physiotherapy treatment for Scoliosis is based on the same principles originally created by Katherina Schroth in 1921.Worldwide it is the most widely recognised exercise-based approach to treating the condition.

Katherina’s grandson Dr Hans Rudolf Weiss has updated the Schroth method into what is termed ‘Best Practice Schroth’.
Each patient with Scoliosis has a unique spinal curve pattern and the goal of the Scroth method is to de-flex and de-rotate the body’s trunk allowing a return to a more normal physiological position. Potential benefits are:

  • halted or reduced progression of the condition (depending upon age and flexibility)
  • improved lung function
  • improved rib cage shape
  • improved postural appearance
  • pain reduction (especially in the adult population) through postural adaptation and orthotics if appropriate.

Finally the method gives the patient a sense of empowerment over Scoliosis, very important psychologically, as previously it would have been assumed that it was a condition that was beyond the power of the patient to control.

The Augmented Lehnert-Schroth classification used for the selection of the appropriate brace from Gensingen library.

The Augmented Lehnert-Schroth classification is used for the selection of the most appropriate brace from Gensingen catalogue.


Deborah Turnbull

LOC’s scoliosis treatment package includes a programme of Schroth Method physiotherapy provided by Deborah Turnbull BSc.CSP who is also HCPC registered and has 10 years NHS experience.

Deborah is a Schroth certified therapist and has certificates in both the original German Schroth and modern Best Practice Schroth methods. She has over 10 years of experience in providing this therapy and is the only physiotherapist in the UK qualified instructor to teach the Schroth methodology to other therapists.

Visit Deborah's website for more information.

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