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Plagiocephaly Case Histories

At the London Orthotic Consultancy, we have been treating babies with flat head syndrome since 2005, when helmet therapy was first made available in the UK.

Since then, all babies that have completed their course of treatment with us – which involves wearing the LOCband helmet for 23 hours a day for a period of time set by the clinician – have achieved a measurable improvement in their head shape.  

Below you can find a series of case histories of babies that have completed their treatment with us, which link to their individual stories on our blog.


Francis' Story

Francis came to see us at our Harley Street with his parents when he was almost 4 months old, his parents had noticed his flat head shape when he was 2 months and began repositioning him almost immediately. After 3 months of wear it was completely removed and parents were very pleased with the results.

Read Francis's full flat head syndrome story


Reggie's StoryReggie plagiocephaly story

Reggie was 4 months old when he first attended the London Orthotics Consultancy’s clinic in Harley Street. His parents were worried about the shape of his head, which was also showing signs of brachycephaly, which they had noticed from the age of 6 weeks; they had actively repositioned him since they noticed his head shape but they felt it was having no effect.

Reggie responded to helmet therapy well, which continued for 6 months, during which his asymmetry reduced from 24mm to 6mm, a fantastic result. Read Reggie's full plagiocephaly journey.


Amrit's Story

Baby Amrit before and after his successful flat head syndrome resultsBaby Amrit came to our Kingston clinic at the age of five months, with flat spots and 12mm asymmetry. His journey lasted four and a half months and he achieved a reduced asymmetry of 3mm.

Read Amrit's plagiocephaly treatment story 


Magnus’s Story

Magnus flat head syndrome results before and after

Magnus came to LOC at the age of 5 months with severe plagiocephaly and an asymmetry reading of 16mm. Three months later, his asymmetry had gone down to 6mm.

Read Magnus's full flat head syndrome treatment story 


Baby M’s Story

Before and after baby m's plagiocephaly journey

In the end M’s treatment lasted exactly 3 months and her asymmetry went from 17mm was reduced to 1.8mm, well within the normal range.

Read baby M's full plagiocephaly treatment story


Ewan’s Story

Ewan's flat head syndrome results

Helmet therapy helped reduce Ewan’s plagiocephaly from 17mm asymmetry to 5mm. A “huge difference” says mother Natalie, that would not have been possible by relying on repositioning alone.

Read Ewan's full plagiocephaly treatment story


Gary’s Story

Before and after plagiocephaly results

Gary got his helmet fitted in February 2016, and after 11 weeks his parents notice an “outstanding visual improvement” in his plagiocephaly.

Read Gary's full flat head syndrome treatment story


Hudson’s Story

Hudson's Before and after plagiocephaly results

Hudson was 7 months of age when he was first assessed and his parents felt they had reached full potential with repositioning. After his helmet was fitted, he started to make amazing progress and 4 months later his asymmetry had gone from 13mm to 2mm and his plagiocephaly was barely noticeable.

Read Hudson's full plagiocephaly treatment story


Tornado Tom’s Story

Tom was 4 ½ months old when he first came to see us. His helmet was fitted two weeks later and within ten weeks his asymmetry had reduced by 50%. After four months, his asymmetry was minimal.

Read Tom's full plagiocephaly treatment story

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