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LOCband Designs

Our cranial remoulding helmets – or LOCbands –  are manufactured individually for each baby to the clinician’s exact specifications and the manufacturing process is also overseen by a clinician. Our LOCbands are made to strict guidelines and high quality standards by LOC Manufacturing Ltd, located at our Kingston clinic.

Rainbow LOCband cranial remoulding helmetThey are created with a soft-to-the-touch foam lining and are available in many different colours and patterns. You can see a selection of available designs below.

(Please note that transfer colours may vary once they are heated and draped over an orthosis during the manufacturing process).

 (From left to right) Top Row: 1. Fly and Drive (White) 2. Teddy Bears (White) 3. Football (Red) 4. Rainbows 5. Sweethearts 6. Skull & Crossbones (Pink)

Second Row: 7. Groovy Gal 8. Butterflies (Lilac) 9. Butterflies (Pink) 10. Thumb Bunnies (Purple and Pink) 11. Pink 12. Dark Sky

Third Row: 13. Jungle 14. Green Raindrops 15. Pixels Camouflage 16. Camouflage (Green) 17. Swimming Fish 18. Jeans

Fourth Row: 19. Carbon Fiber 20. Bugs 21. Thumb Bunnies (Blue and Yellow) 22. Fly & Drive (Blue) 23. Teddy Bears (Blue) 24. Snakeskin

Fifth Row: 25. Light Sky 26. Football (Blue) 27. Dinosaurs 28. Camouflage (Blue) 29. Butterflies (Blue) 30. Aliens 31. Blue 32. Skull & Crossbones (Black) 33. Black

Butterfly LOCband cranial remoulding helmetFootball LOCband cranial remoulding helmetRaindrop LOCband cranial remoulding helmetPink LOCband cranial remoulding helmet


Custom Painted Helmets

If you’re looking for a more personal design - maybe a favourite colour, a pattern from your baby's room, a favourite quote, toy, cartoon character or image, or something that is unique to your family or your heritage - LOC have a relationship with Abigail Jones, a Southampton-based artist who offers a custom painting service for LOCband cranial remoulding helmets.

Prices are dependent on the complexity of design but start at £150 for general designs such as flying helmets, floral or patterned designs. Designs featuring complex characters (i.e. Disney or cartoon characters) start from £200.

You can see some of her creations by visiting her Facebook page Custom Painted Plagiocephaly LOCband Helmets.

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