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LOCband Clinics

Our LOCband clinics provide helmet therapy for babies with flat head syndrome, proven to be very effective at normalising head shape.

Get fast, free help with our flat head diagnosis form and Upload photos of your baby's head for an immediate clinical diagnosis of suspected plagiocephaly / flat head syndrome

Our LOCband clinics for Positional Plagiocephaly / Flat Head Syndrome are in the following locations:




Central London (Harley Street)



To make an appointment at any of these clinics ring: 020 8974 9989

The LOCband treatment for Positional Plagiocephlay / Flat Head Syndrome is also available at Hampshire Orthotics in Southampton.


Hampshire Orthotics

Lucy Best - BSc (hons) pros/orth, MBAPO, MISPO, HCPC reg

Orthotist, director

E-mail[email protected]

Tel: 023 8000 5505

Web: http://www.hampshire-orthotics.co.uk/


Hampshire Orthotics Ltd

East Gate Lodge

Embley Park (at HCS entrance gate)

Romsey SO51 6ZB




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