Positional Plagiocephaly / Flat Head Syndrome

Covid 19 Update – Kingston clinic open to treat patients in a safe environment

We are fully respecting the Government’s request for social distancing by asking all non-essential staff to work from home, we have also reduced the number of clinicians and manufacturing staff working at any one time in our clinic so they can work safely themselves, whilst continuing to provide an essential service.

If you have a condition that is time dependent – Scoliosis, Plagiocephaly, or Club Foot for example –or have an issue with any lower limb orthotics that is impinging on your quality of life; we suggest that you contact the clinic and ask to set up a Skype consultation with a clinician. You will then be able to assess your immediate options including coming in for an appointment if that is the agreed way forward.

Social distancing at the clinic:

  • We have completely reconfigured the waiting room area so that patients can naturally distance themselves from other patients
  • Patients can ring us from their cars on arrival so that they can be shown directly into a clinic room if they prefer

Hygiene at the clinic:

  • Our clinicians are having their temperature taken when they arrive at the clinic
  • Our clinicians are washing their hands before and after seeing each patient
  • Hand sanitisers are available for customers in reception and in all clinic rooms

What we ask of patients:

  • Please only bring essential members of your family with you
  • Either take your own temperature on arrival or ask a member of staff to take it for you
  • Wash your hands on arrival and departure

Finally: we have our own enclosed car park with direct access to the clinic so that patients do not need to use public transport

Treating Plagiocephaly

The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) has more than a decade of experience in treating babies with positional plagiocephaly, commonly known as ‘flat head syndrome’. We offer a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation, during which our specialist clinician will establish whether your baby has positional plagiocephaly and how severe it is. We will provide advice about re-positioning techniques that may help to resolve the condition naturally.

In cases of moderate to severe plagiocephaly, cranial remoulding therapy with the LOCband has proven to be very effective at normalising head shape. The LOCband has been designed and perfected by our own clinicians after years of personal experience in treating positional plagiocephaly. Each LOCband is manufactured individually for each baby, according to our clinician’s exact measurements and specifications. Baby helmets like the LOCband have been used for over 25 years to treat babies with flat heads. 

While there have been numerous studies over the years proving that helmet therapy works, more tellingly some recent studies have compared the outcomes for babies that had received treatment with those that had not. 

For further reading please review the papers Use of external orthotic helmet therapy in positional plagiocephaly and Treatment of positional plagiocephaly – Helmet or no helmet? from the Science Direct website

All babies that have completed the LOCband treatment have achieved measurable improvements to their head shape.

If you decide to proceed with our Plagiocephaly treatment, funding assistance may be available.

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Watch our video on What is Positional Plagiocephaly / Flat Head Syndrome?


Online Diagnosis of Plagiocephaly / Flat Head Syndrome

Before coming in for a consultation, you might prefer us to provide you with our clinical opinion of your baby's head shape based on your photographs. You can do this easily and quickly by filling in our plagiocephaly / flat head diagnosis form.

All our clinicians are fully qualified health professionals and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are members of the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO).

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