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Initial Pectus Consultation

For patients considering LOC’s non-surgical treatments for Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum, the initial consultation is FREE, with no obligation to proceed. During the consultation one of LOC's clinicians will examine your chest and also your general posture. They will look at your alignment from head to toe if required, looking for signs of asymmetry.

They will test the flexibility of your chest and determine the structural type of pectus that you have have. Both the flexibility of your chest and the type of pectus you have are the most important factors in determining the correction possible with our LOCpectus treatment programme.

If the clinician believes that your chest shape will respond using the Dynamic Remodelling method and that you are willing to commit to the exercise programme,the clinician will take a series of photographs and 3D scans of your chest shape. Further appointments for casting and then fitting will be made. These will both be about an hour's length.

You would then need to attend the clinic for regular reviews. During these appointments your chest shape will be evaluated and as it improves and you change shape, we will change the brace to optimise the direction of force and correction possible. At each appointment we will also ask you to see our personal trainer to fine tune your exercise programme and check to see how you have been managing with the current programme.

For patients from abroad or those who have a long distance to travel to our Kingston clinic from locations in the UK, treatment is possible and we have successfully conducted some of these reviews via Skype. You can discuss your review options with the clinician.

Patients should be aware that treatment takes a minimum of 12 months to be effective and that success is very much dependent on the patient’s own commitment to the wearing of the brace for the hours prescribed and adhering to the exercise programme recommended.  Compliance is key to successful treatment.

Ideally we would like the treatment to be completed with the knowledge of your GP and or Thoracic consultant. Although some of our patients do not have the support from their local medical team, opinions to bracing are changing. Many consultants are now aware that bracing offers a well evidenced conservative treatment for Pectus deformities. We will will always communicate with your local GP or consultant if you are happy with us doing that.

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