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Stance Control KAFOs

Unlike traditional KAFOs with their locked leg brace, “stance control” KAFOs allow the wearer to walk far more naturally. The brace locks and unlocks at just the right time; so it is locked while standing but allows the knee to be in free motion during the swing phase of normal walking.

The London Orthotic Consultancy have recently become accredited to start manufacturing in-house bespoke KAFOs using technology developed by leading orthopaedic technology company Fior & Gentz in Germany. They are created using joint sensors connected to a microprocessor which can lock and unlock the joint depending on which stage of the gait cycle the wearer is in. For example, when the wearer’s leg is lifted off the ground and swinging in the air – swing phase – it needs to be unlocked. Similarly, when a person is standing on the leg – stance phase – the joint needs to be mechanically stable, and is locked into position.

The neuro-tronic system knee joint is controlled electromechanically either by a pressure sensor under the foot of the orthosis or by motion sensors integrated into the controller.

These KAFOs are made from direct-milled titanium and have one joint instead of the conventional two either side. They are lighter, intuitive and smooth out the gait cycle to create a more natural walk.

Clinicians at LOC are now fully accredited to carry out Fior & Gentz methods of neuro-tronic KAFO production. Your orthotist will talk you through the best solution for your specific condition and your personal needs and preference.

LOC technician Simon and orthotists David and Sam underwent their three-day training workshop with Fior & Gentz. You can read about their trip to Luneberg, Germany in our news post.

If you think you might benefit from our new KAFO technology and our bespoke in-house service, give us a call or drop us an email to book a consultation today.

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