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Neuro Swing System Ankle Joint

The adjustable Neuro Swing system ankle joint from Fior & Gentz is fast becoming a preferred solution to aid the rehabilitation of patients with a neurological condition such as stroke, MS, brain injury and peripheral neuropathy.The Neuro Swing system enables us to return the patient’s gait pattern to one that is as near normal as possible. By doing this we are also protecting bones and joints and encouraging muscles to work correctly. At LOC we have the advantage of being able to fine tune the Neuro Swing system in our Gait Lab.

LOC is very grateful to FIOR & GENTZ, Lunenberg, for their permission to use the above animated video about the Neuro Swing.

The Neuro Swing AFO has a unilateral ankle joint that is designed to be held within a carbon fibre construction. The joint has two springs, posterior and anterior.  The springs can be altered in three ways. Resistance in the springs can be reduced or increased and range of movement can be altered as can the alignment of the ankle.


For example if a patient presents with a reduced range of movement and a poor gait pattern due to muscle weakness, we can tune the ankle joint to stretch the affected joint and strengthen the adjoining muscles as well. The joint can be adjusted to change the range of movement over time as the patient improves. If however a patient presents with some active range of movement, the ability to move their ankle for example, we want them to use their own muscles to control that movement whereas traditional fixed AFOs would block both good and bad movement.

Neuro swing silver carbon fibre AFOWe work closely with our patient’s physiotherapist and the Neuro Swing system allows tremendous flexibility to respond to an individual’s existing balance, gait and strength, so we can really optimise their walking pattern. Moreover as the patient progresses and improves during their rehabilitation the springs of the Neuro Swing ankle joint can be continuously adjusted, being adapted and evolving to reflect the patient’s improvement. Our patients love it!

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