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 Sesamoiditis is a painful foot condition caused by the inflammation of the sesamoid bones which are a pair of tiny bones.

Their function is to act as a fulcrum to hold the tendons away from the joint in the big toe.



The most common symptom is pain experienced when walking and strongest when the body weight transfers onto the toes. Pain is felt at the base of the big toe.



Osteoarthritis of the sesamoid bones is the most likely cause in older patients. Osteoporosis is another factor as it weakens the bones. In younger adults the condition is most likely to have been caused by a traumatic event to the sesamoid bones or repeated stress over time .High heels can place an increased stress on the forefoot and activities like athletics and dancing can trigger the condition.



Bespoke insoles are prescribed to offload the sesamoid bones allowing them to heal quickly and completely.

Orthotic Insoles are a good preventative measure to take if your age or activity puts you at risk and they should be used to prevent any recurrence of an existing condition, ensuring that the bones and muscles in the foot are properly aligned and the feet cushioned.


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