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Heel Spurs - Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Spurs are tiny protruding calcium deposits that can develop near the base of the heel bone; this is a process that takes many months to develop. The heel spur itself does not cause the pain, it is the soft tissue surrounding it that becomes inflamed.



Heel spurs often have no symptoms but can be associated with both chronic and intermittent pain. The pain is often described as like a pin being stuck into the bottom of your foot when you first stand up in the morning. The pain then becomes a dull ache.



Risk factors for heel spurs include:

  • Walking gait abnormalities which place excessive stress on the heel bone
  • Shoes/trainers that do not provide enough arch support
  • Excess weight and obesity
  • Running or jogging frequently on hard surfaces(road running generally)



bespoke insoles can be prescribed to rectify any gait abnormalities which result in bio-mechanical misfunction.

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