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E-MAG Active

LOC prescribes the Otto Bock E-MAG Control and E-MAG Active Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO), which are state-of-the-art lower limb orthoses suitable for individuals who have suffered weakness to their lower limbs due to neurological disorders such as polio, or more commonly now, lower motor neurone lesions, such as injuries to the nerves and muscles controlling the leg, which can result in paralysis.

How the E-MAG active works. Image courtesy of Ottobock

The E-MAG Active knee joint system locks and unlocks the knee joint during walking. The knee joint is electronically locked during the stance phase (weight bearing) and is unlocked during the swing through phase (non-weight bearing). It therefore facilitates a secure and dynamic gait pattern.The E-MAG Control significantly increases patient confidence during everyday activities, thanks to its unique combination of electronics and mechanical technology. The E-MAG Control features a wireless remote control unit so that users who have limited mobility and use crutches can unlock the knee joint. This allows them to support themselves and still gain the benefit of the knee joint, while maintaining complete control and stability. 

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