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Ankle Foot Orthosis, Fixed and Hinged (AFO)

As the name would suggest an Ankle Foot Orthosis is an orthotic or brace that encompasses the ankle and foot. The objective is to control the position and movement of the ankle. AFOs are used to support weak limbs; they can also be used to immobilise the ankle and lower leg to correct foot drop. They are the most commonly used Orthoses.

Depending on the condition the London Orthotic Consultancy is treating, we can design them to be fixed at the ankle; this allows us to fine tune a patient’s gait more effectively. Or they can hinge at the ankle to allow a limited range of movement in one plane. 

Examples of our Ankle Foot Orthoses


Conditions Treated with AFOs

The following medical conditions for which AFOs can be prescribed include:


For further information please make an appointment with the clinic.

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