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Busy Scoliosis and Pectus patient day at our Bolton clinic in March


John Turner, LOC’s senior orthotist in the ‘north’, continues to work hard from his temporary clinic in Bolton located at The Good Health Centre. The Centre itself is primarily dedicated to the rehabilitation of sports injuries, but John has his own clinic room where he treats adults and children with a variety of medical conditions – cerebral palsy, plagiocephaly, scoliosis and pectus deformities.

Lockdown has afforded little opportunity for joint working due to travel difficulties so with a lessening of the restrictions we took the chance to offer our first joint physio/orthotist clinic since our arrival in our temporary home in Bolton. The combined input of orthotist and physiotherapist is an essential element of LOC’s non-surgical treatment programmes for scoliosis and pectus deformities. Debs Turnbull, LOC’s ‘resident’ physio, travelled up from London and she and John welcomed a total of nine new and existing patients.

They were able to collaborate on a new assessment for a Cheneau–Gensingen scoliosis brace and Debs used her spinal model to explain the function of the spine and demonstrate how correction  of spinal curves can be achieved with the combination of bracing and Schroth Best Practice physiotherapy. Scans and photos were also taken to generate the 3D model necessary for brace manufacture.

Above: some examples of successful LOC non-surgical treatment for scoliosis.

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To achieve the best results for our patients, Debs and John reviewed the progress of several existing patients to ensure continued progress is made with their pectus and scoliosis treatments which involve both bracing and physiotherapy. Compliance with LOC’s exercise programme is essential to achieve the best possible correction in both conditions.

WATCH...the video to find out how effective Pectus bracing treatment can be:

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