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LOC’s gait lab has helped Lilac to move independently


LOC has been treating Lilac since 2018 following her SDR surgery for cerebral palsy. This recent article charts Lilac’s incredible journey. Her extraordinary progress has been possible thanks to her own courage, her family’s determination in fundraising for her with the support of Just4Children, and the targeted intervention of a number of professionals including our own team at LOC.

It’s fair to say that Lilac feels at home in our Kingston clinic!! While she was in clinic, our lead orthotist Sam Walmsley made some minute adjustments to her existing AFOs and this short video explains the process.

Using our video vector Gait Laboratory as a diagnostic tool we can make tiny adjustments to orthotic prescriptions to improve gait and even posture, helping Lilac to ‘walk tall’. Having our own orthotics manufacturing unit on site obviously helps as these bits of fine tuning can be done during an appointment.

If you have a child with lower limb or neuro-muscular difficulties – perhaps caused by cerebral palsy, spina bifida or acquired brain injury, we may be able to help. Just contact LOC to discuss the options and book an appointment.

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