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Treating scoliosis with the Schroth method



We recently conducted a number of interviews with the Academy of Physical Medicine to answer some of the common questions people have about scoliosis. In the third of this series, Sally Hews and Debs Turnbull share their expertise on treating scoliosis with the Schroth method and Gensingen brace.

Watch the videos below to find out more.

You can also visit our scoliosis page to understand more about this condition and enquire about a consultation.

Plus, take a look at episodes 1 and 2 in this series to get answers to more questions on scoliosis:

A general introduction to scoliosis & Who suffers from scoliosis?

Is there something different about Schroth approach, and how does a Gensingen brace work?

How does a Gensingen brace compare with a Boston brace?

How much does a Gensingen brace cost, and can it be funded by health insurance companies such as BUPA?

How effective is a Gensingen brace in treating adult scoliosis?

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