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Schroth Physiotherapy reduces Cobb angle from 18 to 6 degrees


We first met Hannah in 2017 when she had been diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic scoliosis which typically affects children between the age of four and ten. At this age there is every likelihood that the condition will get worse. X-rays revealed that she had a Cobb angle of 18 degrees. Bracing is not considered necessary with a curve of that size, but Schroth Physiotherapy is recommended as it has shown that with a home program of between 3 and 6 months it can to reduce these small (under 25 degree) curves in young people.

It is important to emphasise that LOC’s physiotherapy programmes for Scoliosis are nothing like generic physiotherapy. They are scoliosis curve-pattern specific and are tailored to each individual’s postural compensations. Symmetrical exercises do not tend to be effective, but Schroth physiotherapy is 3-dimensional. The success of any exercise programme is down to the commitment of the patient and Hannah has been a star in that respect, because she followed the home exercise programme to the letter.

Find out about our online Schroth exercise programme here.

In March Hannah came to see us for a review; she proudly presented her most recent x-rays which showed the Cobb angle reduced to a barely significant 6 degrees. This is a testament to her commitment and to the efficacy of the Schroth method.

She now just must keep fit and active with activity advice and ensure good postural habits. She is monitored by her parents and free 3 monthly physio reviews.

Above: Hannah's first Xray (left) and latest Xray (right) show significant reduction of her Cobb angle

LOC’s Scoliosis Physiotherapy clinic is headed up by Deborah Turnbull who is certified in both original German Schroth and modern Best Practice Schroth methods. Deborah has co-authored with Dr Weiss a number of peer reviewed articles about the conservative treatment of Scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

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