Dr Weiss visits the clinic for our first Scoliosis Patient Information Day
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Dr Weiss visits the clinic for our first Scoliosis Patient Information Day


Dr Weiss, world-renowned Schroth orthopaedic surgeon and creator of the over corrective spinal brace known as the Gensingen brace, spent two days with LOC staff in our Kingston clinic for our first scoliosis patient information day on the 16th June. The sun was shining as patients and consultants travelled from far and wide to discuss their condition with the hailed scoliosis expert.

Anyone who has scoliosis – i.e. the abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine – or has known someone with the condition, will know that it is often complex, elusive and each curve varies entirely from patient to patient even within the same group. There is also a lack of knowledge surrounding treatment, with surgery providing the main alternative to bracing for severe curves.

Since LOC’s scoliosis clinic opened last year, those with severe scoliosis - Cobb angles in excess of 40° - have responded well to the combined treatment of The Gensingen Brace by Dr Weiss® and Schroth Best Practice Physiotherapy.

It was also a fantastic opportunity for LOC scoliosis clinicians to raise queries and compare notes on the outcomes of their patients with Dr Weiss, who spent time with real patients doing live demonstrations in clinic. We had various scoliosis consultants from around the country in attendance as well as Schroth-certified physiotherapists from Norwich and Copenhagen.

A testament to the complexity of the condition, a whole variety of patients attended; juvenile scoliosis patients from 7-years-old, to teenagers at the start of their spinal bracing and physiotherapy treatment. There was a healthy mix of patients undergoing physiotherapy treatment too, as well as adults with degenerative scoliosis.

Deborah Turnbull, resident Schroth physiotherapist says the day was an overwhelming success; “it went really well, we had more than 35 people turn up to have the chance to speak to Dr Weiss and talk about their specific conditions.”

The Schroth Best Practice program® is a recent development of the original program provided by Dr Weiss, who is the grandson of scoliosis pioneer Katharina Schroth where the corrective exercises are derived from the original Schroth technique to correct the spine in three-dimensions.

The first quarter has been an exciting one for LOC, with another new scoliosis clinic opening at the Portland hospital every Friday evening. Keep an eye out for up coming events at the London Orthotic Consultancy by following our LOC Facebook page, or our new Scoliosis Clinic page on Facebook.

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