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Express Service for Orthotic Insoles


Following its move to larger premises in Kingston LOC is pleased to announce the introduction of our new express insole service. Our orthotists can create bespoke insoles, from initial assessment to manufacture and fitting – in just two hours while you wait. No need for a second appointment for the final fitting, the manufacturing process can be carried out whilst you do your shopping in Kingston town centre, only a short walk away from the clinic.

Did you know that orthotic insoles can help with bunions? And shin splints? Amongst a whole host of other conditions, they can also aid posture and general alignment, and can be specifically used for running, skiing and other sports.

Bespoke orthotic insoles can also help with:

-       Heel spurs

-       Metatarsalgia

-       Patellofemoral pain syndrome

-       Sesamoiditis

-       Plantar Fasciitis

LOC Manufacturing

Because we oversee the complete production process – our LOC manufacturing workshop sits above the clinician rooms – we can optimise the fit of your insoles maximising both comfort and their effectiveness in treating your particular condition. More often than not, it will be the same clinician who scans your feet, writes the prescription, models the insoles and then fits them.

Why you should choose Bespoke Insoles

One person’s feet differ entirely from another’s, and that’s why off-the-shelf insoles cannot offer as much by way of support, or correct biomechanical alignment.

We create insoles for use in various shoes, If you require insoles to fit in high heels, court heels for work, formal dress shoes or more tricky shapes we will be able to help you.

We provide our evening express service on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until 19:00 for people who require this service outside our normal clinic hours.

We also offer a discount when you buy 2 pairs of insoles at the same fitting, which can be helpful for customers needing more than one pair, or different insoles for different shoes. Our standard service insoles are £400. If you purchase two at the same time, you can pay an extra £130 for the additional pair, which works out at £265 per pair.

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