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What to do if your orthotics don’t fit properly


With the great British summer almost upon us, most of us are starting (or at least hoping) to enjoy the longer hours of daylight and the warmer temperatures. That’s the theory, anyway!

But if you’re an orthotics wearer, summer can be an uncomfortable time. Our limbs can swell in hot conditions, which means legs and feet are more prone to rubbing against the orthotic. This can be particularly difficult for children, who may complain of painful skin.

“This is a very common problem,” explains LOC orthotist Sam Walmsley. “If your child is using LOC orthoses it occurs because we have designed the ankle foot orthotic to be extremely close-fitting. This helps your child with their balance and improves their confidence. But in hot weather, it can be uncomfortable.”

Help is at hand, though. LOC will adjust your orthoses free of charge for the lifespan of the orthoses. This is something you should expect from any reputable orthotist.

Warm weather isn’t the only thing that can cause rubbing and it’s important to know that it is very common for bespoke orthoses to need some adjustment from time to time.

“If you’re concerned about rubbing or any other discomfort that your child might be experiencing with their orthoses, then give us a call straight away and we can adjust them for you,” says Sam. 


Sam’s other tips:

  • In warmer weather consider giving your child’s feet a bit more of rest from the orthoses than you might normally. This will help reduce limb swelling.
  • If the orthoses are new, allow a bedding-in period of about a week. Like any new shoes, it can take time for our feet and ankles to adjust. Giving it a week will help us identify whether any adjustments are needed.
  • Don’t forget that children grow and situations change. Plus, as the bespoke orthotics do their job, the patient will quite naturally grow in confidence, becoming more active and walking more or differently than they might be used to. This can have an impact on the fitting of the orthotic device as well.
  • If in doubt, contact LOC. We want people to be as comfortable as possible in our orthotics, so we’re always here to help when they’re not. We’re very used to adjusting and revisiting orthoses after the initial fitting. It’s all part of our service.


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