Excellent Flat-Head Treatment Results for ‘Tornado Tom’
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Excellent Flat-Head Treatment Results for ‘Tornado Tom’


Tom was 4 ½ months old when he first came to The London Orthotic Consultancy. His parents were concerned, having noticed his flat head shape following a diagnosis of torticollis. Tom’s neck movement resolved with stretches and repositioning - however mum and dad had not seen any improvement in his head shape following three months of repositioning.

Tom was assessed and diagnosed with a severe plagiocephaly affecting the left side of his head. His parents were particularly concerned about the asymmetry to his forehead and cheek. Repositioning at the critical age had proved unsuccessful and therefore his parents wanted to move onto the next stage, London Orthotic Consultancy’s LOCband treatment.

Tom’s helmet was fitted two weeks later and within ten weeks his asymmetry had reduced by 50%. After four months, his asymmetry was minimal. However, he continued to wear the helmet at night since he was still favouring his left side for sleeping and parents were concerned about how flexible his head was.

Tornado Tom Sotm

When Tom was discharged from treatment two months later his head shape was excellent and parents were thrilled with the results. His mum says that “we would always highly recommend the London Orthotic Consultancy”.

Sally Hews, Senior Orthotist


Are you concerned about your baby’s head shape? You can use our online flathead diagnosis form for a fast, free and confidential clinical opinion from a fully qualified orthotist.

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