Raising awareness of the importance of early plagiocephaly diagnosis
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Raising awareness of the importance of early plagiocephaly diagnosis


One of our specialisms at London Orthotics Consultancy is the treatment of plagiocephaly – or flat head syndrome – a condition characterised by flattening, or sometimes bulging, of a baby’s head. At the current time, the NHS does not recognise plagiocephaly as a condition that requires any specific medical treatment. But there is a growing body of research from other countries suggesting that flat head syndrome is on the increase. And, anecdotally, we receive a considerable number or enquiries from adults asking us to help them with plagiocephaly related issues.

One of the most important messages for us to spread about flat head syndrome is the importance of early treatment to improve the likelihood of a positive outlook. As babies grow, the plates of the skull become less malleable, meaning that a plagiocephaly treatment such as our LOCBand helmet will only be effective if it is pursued well before the age of two years, when the skull will harden completely.

It’s also important for parents to understand the role that techniques such as repositioning and tummy time can play in avoiding flat head syndrome – and for us it’s important to spread that message as widely as we possibly can.

So we’re delighted to have teamed up with online parenting community Small Steps Online, who recently asked our plagiocephaly specialist Saeed Hamid to advise their followers on the causes, trends, preventative techniques and likely treatment of plagiocephaly.

You can read LOC’s article for Small Steps on flat head syndrome here.

If you are involved with a parenting forum, group or publication and you’d like us to provide an information article to raise awareness around the facts about plagiocephaly, please by all means contact LOC and we’ll be happy to help.

Are you worried about your baby’s head shape? You can seek an immediate clinical opinion from one of our orthotists using our free online flat head diagnosis form. Simply use the form to upload your photos, and an orthotist will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm whether flat head is a possibility, and what options you might consider next.

Our thanks to Small Steps for helping us to advise their followers about an issue that is a concern for many parents. If you’re interested in joining the Small Steps community, visit www.smallstepsonline.co.uk.




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